I don’t know about you but I start packing WAY before the day of my flight out to unknown places. It's one part OCD, one part excitement and the rest is ‘I don’t want to miss any fun’. Heaven forbid.

Here are tips to make the chore of packing for business trips, vacations or even playcations easier for you. 

1. Use two basic colors to build your wardrobe on whether you work or play. On an upcoming trip, I will be attending a writer’s retreat while hubby enjoys some time on the links. We'll be visiting family as well so that adds to the excitement. 

 It’s a late spring/early summer trip to the Pacific Northwest. My sister lives there and so I already know that dress is casual there.

Navy blue or grey are good choices for business casual or play (denim) wear while visiting a new area.

 I’m a redhead so I have plenty of peach in my closet already as well. 

 Look in your closet to see what colors you tend to use. After you choose the two basic colors you use the most ( i.e. grey/black, tan/brown, blue/orange) you can start to fill in with other coordinating pieces.

2. Pick out some mix and match pieces that travel well and don’t wrinkle easily. Some materials to look for are denim, heavy cottons or chinos, permanent press blends, and throw in lightweight seer sucker for spring!  Classic doesn’t have to be old and stuffy. If you throw in a few trendy pieces you will be modern and professional for whatever weather you might experience.

3. Comfortable foot wear is a must. Yes, but it doesn’t have to be the crocs you use to garden either. Don’t laugh, I've seen people wear their muddy gardening shoes in public. And, I’m guilty of it too.  

As hot weather approaches there’s a temptation to expose your toes in flip flops or sandals. But,  airports are no place to wear flimsy or fancy foot wear. 

I bought a good pair of slip ons to use for easy removal at the check in areas with plenty of room to be comfortable for long flights. 

4. Find a good suitcase that fits your needs! After over thirty years of travel I suggest a wheeled garment bag for the well rounded traveller. 

Hubby and I went shopping and recently found a London Fog Navy and white checked bag for myself at Macy’s for half price. If you noticed that I chose navy to coordinate with my clothes you get extra points. 

5. There are many ways to pack a bag efficiently. I’ve found the roll and tuck method to save the most space.  Imagine your space inside the suitcase cut into squares of equal size. Take each bottom with a matching top and roll together tightly into a 'square'. Repeat until each outfit is neatly packed together.  Once again, packing with a color coordinated pants, tops, jackets and shoes saves you space and time. 

When you are packing for a business trip, you’ll need work related clothing (dresses, suits, and skirts) to lay on top of your exercise or play clothes. The garment bag is excellent to use for this purpose. 

6. TSA approved pre-packaged toiletries are available at drug stores and even some supermarkets. I tend to wait until my skin care company offers free or more reasonably priced travel sized products to restock items so that I have them when I need them. 

7. Don’t forget your swimsuit even in the winter. Most hotels offer inside pools/jacuzzis for after work hours. 

Finally, enjoy your trip~ take some time to explore the sights in your new city or town. 

What are some ways you've learned to make packing for a trip easier? I'd love to hear your ideas in the comments below. 


photo credits Pexels. com 

photo credits Pexels. com