Book Review for The Faith Of Mike Pence

THE FAITH OF MIKE PENCE by Leslie Montgomery


The 45th Vice President of the United States, Mike Pence, is more than the president’s right hand man. In Leslie Montgomery’s biography The Faith of Mike Pence, we discover our VP is an affable, gregarious leader who knew he would serve in politics at an early age. And after reading her biography one might say he is the best man for the job.

The book closely follows America’s Vice President on his journey of faith. Born into a devout Catholic family, Pence conveys he had a personal experience with Jesus Christ in college. Through his education, early career, marriage to Karen and children he has grown in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ. Quick to give his testimony without beating it over anyone’s head, he is known for his authentic faith by everyone he meets. 

It’s no wonder his appointment by President Trump was viewed as a wise decision on our president’s part. Ms. Montgomery states throughout her book,our VP is a quick-witted, well-spoken,and strong orator. 

As a strong man of faith, V.P. Pence relies on his beliefs to carry him through a rough start to his call to serve. He came to his first elected position in a roundabout way. His first attempt to win an election he describes as “the most divisive and negative campaign in Indiana’s modern congressional history.” 

The humbling experience led him to wonder if he had ruined his chances for another governmental run. 

His natural gift of the gab made him a good candidate to host a popular radio show called “The Mike Pence Show.” 

When invited to try another run for Congress, he didn’t back down. This time he was doing it God’s way.

His successful time in Congress progressed to a stint as Governor of Indiana. 

The Faith of Mike Pence is thought provoking and jam packed with compliments to the man who helps lead the United States. Those closest to the VP and his wife reveal a couple dedicated to fulfilling their vow to serve the people of the United States.

Despite the negative press directed at them and POTUS our Vice President is lauded as a man of integrity and moral fortitude.  Mike Pence, we learn, is committed to his God, his family and his nation. 

This reader finished the book with a profound sense of relief for the future of this country. The Faith of Mike Pence is an inspirational book I’d encourage every American to read. A story of one man’s rise to the most powerful position in the world. And one man’s commitment to a sacred vow to make a difference to change our nation’s history.