Review of Ronie Kendig's book Wolfsbane

I began reading Ronie Kendig’s books with Dead Reckoning in 2010. Knowing Ronie as an excellent storyteller,  I immediately “signed up" to be an influencer for book #3 in her discarded heroes series “Wolfsbane”. Little did I know, Wolfsbane centers around a subject near and dear to my own heart~ human sex trafficking.

The book propels you into the jungles of Venezuela, opening with Danielle "Dani" Roarke, U.S. army demolition expert escaping from the Venezuelan rebel army general who keeps her imprisoned in his underground network.

The book stays at a breakneck speed throughout her return to the states where she is faced with charges of espionage due to her detailed knowledge of the enemy.

Dani is forced to return to enemy camp with her new comrade in arms, Green Beret Medic, Canyon "Midas" Metcalfe.  These two soldiers are drawn to each other through their wounds of the past, and thrown together through dire circumstances of bringing back the truth from the Venezuelan stronghold.

Separated from the others in Special Forces group “nightshade”, they plummet over a mountain cliff from flooding waters in an army hummer.

Finding themselves warm, dry and exhausted, they succumb to their attraction for each other. And to their sorrow, add another obstacle to overcome in this growing, yet, complicated relationship.

Ronie deals with many issues in this story that we fight in everyday life.  Life is a battle, and Wolfsbane brings these trials out wrapped up in a military saga that demands for you to turn to the next page through suspense and interesting story lines.

Suicide, sexual abuse, pre-marital sex and drug addiction are all handled deftly, without judgment and given the weight that is needed for the world today.  As humans we are flawed and we make mistakes that need to be dealt with in the proper way, not buried under religious mores or societies dictates.

It was hard for me to read this book as I, too, have been touched by some of the tragedies that intertwine through this book. I applaud Ronie for her honesty and courage in dealing with these very real issues affecting us in a realistic way.

After suffering from the grief of making love to the woman that he adores outside of matrimony,  Canyon Metcalfe explains his repentant thinking this way~

“By breaking my promise to God, by not obeying His command, I opened vulnerability in our relationship that should not have existed.  I hurt you.”

The book rises above the mundane as it deals with the conflicts that we all face in life, and also gives a clear picture of redemption that can come only through God.

I highly recommend Wolfsbane.  Five stars!