How YOU doin'?

phillyBack home in Philly, you can walk by a person of any color, size or sex and hear, "how you doin'?"  It might sound cliche or even funny to you, but, I hear the community behind it. There is a sense of community to big city life that is sometimes lacking in the smaller rural areas of the country.  I'm not too world traveled, however, Sam and I have been to enough places around the country ~ thanks to his "frequent flyer" miles from work as a chemical engineer.

Our middle daughter loves city life in Philly. She is a junior attending Temple University for her Bachelors of Science in Environmental Science.  Kind of an incongruity to me, she loves the city, but has a passion for the environment.  She always has. In high school, she would go out with her classmates and biology teacher in her free time to collect random samples of creek water to run tests at the lab.

Philadelphia has the type of camaraderie that comes with people who are living through hardships together.  It's not called the city of "brotherly love" for nothing.

Last year, after a huge snow storm, we drove down to pick Rachel up for winter break.  Some of those back city streets are no bigger than an alleyand there is no way to get a full- sized snow blower down there.  With my husband driving, it was a wild ride!

Hubby is the Mario Andretti of the engineer set, and managed to use our RAV 4 to simultaneously plow through the snow while he drove through the alley to get our daughter. Just goes to show you what  a daddy will do for his little girl.

But, those of us in the car, including myself and our youngest daughter were praying.  I was actually praying quite loudly, and it went something like this~ JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL!

Every year, we have to get to the city, whether it be Philadelphia to see the historical sights, or into New York city for a show.

We don't realize how wonderful our area is in comparison to the rest of the country.  Skiing is available in the winter in the poconos, with the beach in the summer.  We always go to the "joisey" shore for a week with the family for a reunion.  Shout out to my jersey girls!

This year, we will be gathering with my side of the family to enjoy the beach in New Jersey and get caught up with family from Washington State.  Since retro is in right now, I'm thinking about throwing a 70's celebratory party with Motown music, platform shoes and disco balls while we are down there.

Life is so full of uncertainties these days, it's good to remember our roots.  Brings a kind of stability into otherwise shaky times.  Shaky weather patterns, shaky economy, even shaky ground in some parts of the world.

My biggest security even before the love of family and neighbors is our heavenly Father.  These days we need him more then ever. He is the Creator of this great land, yet, he holds us in the palm of his hand.

Psalm 4:    8In peace I will both lie down and sleep, For You alone, O LORD, make me to dwell in safety.  (NASB)