Hold that bus!

God has ways of speaking to me through dreams.  This morning, I had a dream that I was talking to a woman that I did ministry with years ago.  For the better part of the last three years, I have felt like a failure in regard to the parting of ways that came to us. But, through the dream I had, God showed me that it was actually the best thing that I could have done.  You see, I obeyed what he told me to do,  at the risk of being slandered, even shamed. 

In the dream, I was with a group of people on a bus.  One person drove the bus, while the others sat happily chatting without any regard to what was happening.  For whatever reason, I knew that the bus or "ministry" was going to go off a cliff, so, I jumped out of the bus telling the others to jump too.  In the dream, we all jumped out in time before the bus went off a cliff and into a  deep ravine.

What peace God gives us when we see our lives from his point of view.

This morning, my daughter Becca was late to catch her bus.  We drove up to the bus stop, her bus pulling away.  Much to my surprise, Becca, who is 11, jumped out of the now stopped car and chased down the bus screaming, "wait, wait!"

Halfway down the street, the bus stopped.  Becca climbed on.

That's my girl.  :-D