DYING TO READ: A Cate Kincaid Files novel~ my pick for summer reading. Get a copy for the Fall

I have always enjoyed taking a few paperbacks to the beach in the summer~ who doesn't? There is something wonderful about lying on the beach slathered in suntan lotion with the ocean waves crashing at your feet, seagulls screeching overhead and the smell of salt air to rejuvenate the soul. Add a great book to the mix and I'm in heaven. Lorena McCourtney's first book in the Cate Kincaid Files, DYING TO READ did not disappoint. She deftly interweaves the story of petite, red- haired Cate Kincaid a somewhat lost twenty- something with a group of aging mystery readers in an effort to help her hospitalized uncle, a private eye. Cate takes to the private investigation business as any red blooded woman would~ with a woman's inquiring mind and nose for drama. Through guts and determination she digs through layers of deception to get to the bottom of the mystery of one of the ladies found dead at the bottom of rickety stairs. Add to this, the original case of a missing person, two possible suitors, a look alike housekeeper, a deaf cat and you get a must read book you will not want to put down. Lorena McCourtney started out with a degree in agriculture and the intention of writing non-fiction on agricultural subjects. But, as with many plans, life went in a different direction, and her writing turned into a career in fiction. She first wrote numerous children's stories, then short stories for women. Romance novels followed, then a switch to Christian romances, and now she feels she's found her real home in Christian romantic suspense.

DYING TO READ is her 42nd novel.