The Suspense Is Killing Me...

Is it really Midsummer already?

You may be wondering what I've been doing this last year in between edits on my novel and returning to health after gall bladder surgery.

Helping our youngest choose the right college has been a time consuming yet gratifying endeavor as I’ve enjoyed each moment of watching her blossom into young womanhood.

We were all delighted when she was voted prom queen for her senior prom. We capped off the prom and graduation season with a large celebration in our home with family and her close friends.

Meanwhile, as my time of editing over the winter wound to a close, my agent sent book proposals to several publishers.

This, my friend, is the part where I’m learning how to “wait.” 

After 30 years of motherhood, I’m waiting to birth my first “book” baby. It’s been a process much like the proverbial butterfly turning to mush in it’s own cocoon. Oh, monarch butterfly how I’ve learned to appreciate your beauty all the more!

While we wait to hear about a book contract, my husband and I flew to Hawaii for our 35th wedding anniversary. After years of family vacations, the trip to the big island was paradise for us. Ten days on the beautiful island sped by and we headed back to Pennsylvania back to our busy lives.

One project we are involved in as our youngest leaves the nest is to renovate the master bathroom. My husband is treating me to yet another dream come true with a cast iron claw foot tub. 

As I sit here typing this post, the renovations on the bathroom are almost done.  

Hmmm... I think a good book and a bubble bath may be in order. 

What do you do while you wait?

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, our youngest daughter received a partial scholarship to a liberal arts college 6 hours away. I can practically hear adventure calling her.