A meteor shower is scheduled for tonight 12 days before Christmas.

Are you ready? 

35 years of hosting Christmas Eve festivities have taught me a few things to make life easier in this hectic home.

In fact it has become a tradition we look forward to all year.

Let me tell you a secret— Christmas does not have to equal chaos.

Unless you like that of course. If you're like me, a clean house, delicious food and good company help make wonderful memories for years to come. 

Here are some quick ideas to help you keep your focus on the important things of the season.

    1    Delegate the work- every year hubby contributes by building the artificial tree.

    2    Our creative designer youngest daughter helps decorate the house.

    3    Over the years family has shared preparing a great meal for the night. With our different busy schedules the best format seems to be an open house. Come when you can leave when you must.

    4    It’s okay to buy a yummy pie or appetizers so you have more time to spend with your guests.

    5    Use crock pots to create dishes that will stay warm.

    6    Cook meals that are easy to prepare with ingredients that are fresh and in season.

    7    Some of the best dishes can be made ahead of time.

    8    Save your time for last minute cleaning in the living area/kitchen for right before guests arrive. That way you won't be going over the same areas again and again.

    9    Ask someone to bring fun games/activities to play.

    10    Have separate areas to serve appetizers, main dishes, coffee and dessert.

    11    Set up a coffee/drink bar on a table for self service.

    12    This year I will be serving breakfast for dinner. This makes preparations ahead a pretty smooth affair.

Keep your holidays simple superstar~ your family will love you for it!